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    Development of Plant Essential Oil Industry Urgently Solving Seven Problems

    Plant essential oils are a kind of good aromatic health care material, not only natural health, can distribute fragrance, give people pleasure to enjoy, make people excited, but also clean air, disinfection, sterilization, prevention of infectious diseases.
    Plant essential oils can be used as raw materials for pharmaceuticals or as food additives, such as production ingredients as natural premium flavors, or directly added to food. The development of intensive processing of essential oils helps to improve the utilization of plant resources, develop new products for food and medicine, and promote the development of aromatherapy.
    China's vast territory, rich in plant resources, a variety of plants are essential oils of raw materials, the development of oil industry, with resource advantages. However, due to a variety of factors, China's oil industry there are still many problems.
    Institute of Neurobiology, Anhui Medical University, director Li Guangwu that the development of China's essential oils, aromatic industry, urgent need to solve the seven major problems, these seven issues include: the industry within the joint poor, lack of standards, no brand awareness, lack of advantages, etc. The
    Long-term focus on product health and safety of the people that, with the increase in health awareness, microbial contamination has become an important factor affecting the safety and quality of essential oils, the issue has received increasing attention. The use of NICOLER dynamic sterilization technology, dual-core ozone sterilization equipment and other modern measures to help prevent microbial contamination of essential oils and improve the safety and quality of essential oils products, so as to protect the safety of food and medicine.
    Essential oils are extracted from the plant's flowers, leaves, stems, roots or fruits by steam distillation, extrusion, cold leaching or solvent extraction to extract the extracted volatile aroma. Essential oils include diluted compound essential oils and undiluted unilateral essential oils. Essential oils are highly volatile, and once exposed to air, they will evaporate quickly and must be stored in bottles that can be sealed. Once the bottle is used, cover the lid as soon as possible.
    Essential oils have a good health care function: 1. Purify the air, sterilization, disinfection. 2. Prevention of infectious diseases, resistance to bacteria, viruses, mold. 3. Prevention of inflammation and cramps. 4. Essential oils of natural aroma into the brain, can stimulate the anterior lobe of the brain secrete endorphins and enkephalin two hormones, so that the spirit of a comfortable state. 5. Promote cell metabolism and cell regeneration. 6. Accelerate blood circulation and lower blood pressure. 7. only spasm, appetizers, expelling wind and stomach, promote digestion, promote bile secretion, liver protection.
    But not all plants can produce essential oils, only plants containing balsam glands can produce essential oils. Different plants have different distribution of glands, some distributed in the petals, leaves, and some distributed in the roots or trunk. After the extraction of sachets extract, we become the so-called "plant essential oils." Essential oils contain a variety of different ingredients, some essential oils such as rose essential oils can be more than 250 different molecules from the combination.
    Essential oils are lipophilic and are easily soluble in oils and fats because the molecular chains of essential oils are usually relatively short, which makes them permeable into the skin and enter the body through the rich capillaries of subcutaneous fat. Essential oils are made up of very small molecules that can be absorbed by the nasal mucosal tissue, into the body, the information directly to the brain, through the edge of the brain system, adjust the mood and physical function of the body. In aromatherapy, essential oils can enhance the physiological and psychological functions. Each plant essential oil has a chemical structure to determine its fragrance, color, mobility and the way it works with the system, but also makes each plant essential oils have a special set of functions.
    Essential oil from terpenes, aldehydes, esters, alcohols and other chemical substances, because of high mobility, so called "oil". But the essential oils and our daily life to see the essential difference between vegetable oil, vegetable oil is the main component of triglycerides and fatty acids.
    Anhui Medical University Institute of Neurobiology Li Guangwu Director pointed out that China's essential oils, aromatic industry, there are seven major problems affecting the healthy development of essential oils industry. These questions are mainly as follows -
    First, industry association is poor. If an industry does not have a joint, in order to become bigger and stronger, there can be no hope. China's essential oils industry in order to great development, the industry must be within the joint, the industry should be harmonious, industry practitioners should learn tolerance, interpersonal communication to learn to understand and understand.
    Second, the lack of scientific and technological content. In many people's minds, there is a wrong understanding: the content of science and technology content is high, refined, sharp products, when it comes to life science to talk about molecular level, genes, atoms and molecules.
    Li Guangwu director believes that the scientific and technological content and art, technology, is the best creation and innovation, in order to develop high-tech products.
    Another professional food quality control professionals believe that some of the small oil processing enterprises are small scale, poor processing facilities, low level of technology, triggering the product of micro-organisms exceeded, lack of quality and other quality problems, affecting the transformation and upgrading of essential oils enterprises. Such enterprises should actively use dynamic sterilization equipment, automatic packaging technology to avoid microbial contamination of essential oils and improve the quality of essential oils.
    Third, the lack of industry standards. Construction of supervision, management, production, sales, the Governor completely independent system, is the future of China's essential oils, aromatic industry development direction. China is engaged in the production of essential oils, aromatic products, may be due to the reasons of non-unity, or rational and rational knowledge of the reasons for lack of reason, it may be more consider the individual ability and power reasons, they do not like to develop standards, The standard, did not let themselves get the benefits, but let others grab the initiative. Do not pay attention to the standard construction is caused by China's oil industry, fake, chaos and other important reasons.
    Industry supervision, management, production, sales, supervision and other units must be subdivided, and mutual control, mutual supervision, and learn from each other and improve. Only in this way, China's essential oils, aromatic industry can become a healthy development of the industry.
    Fourth, there is no brand awareness. When we saw a multinational company, it seems that the brand is closely linked with the life of the enterprise; and our multinational companies are almost all state-owned and resource-consuming enterprises.
    Five is no advantage products. In the oil product industry, China has a lot of advantages of raw materials, but no advantage products, which led us to produce the product is not competitive, publicity can not find the entry point.
    Six is the lack of sense of responsibility and mission. To develop China's oil industry, the need for a common pursuit, a sense of responsibility for the development of the industry advice and dedication.
    Seven is the industry association did not play its due responsibility. China's trade associations and learn a lot of these associations and societies should be China's economic development have a better role in promoting the improvement of public quality of life have a better role in promoting the country's long-term planning and objectives to achieve a stronger To promote the role. Industry associations should be a solidarity, equal competition, stimulate vitality, increase knowledge, strengthen exchanges, promote the development of institutions. But unfortunately, a lot of industry associations and learn basically do not act, disguised into a new hierarchical place.
    In the oil industry, China's resource advantages to become a product advantage, we must unify as soon as possible thinking, develop high standards, cultivate well-known brands, enhance the sense of mission. Only in this way, in order to eliminate the oil industry there are a variety of chaos in order to promote the healthy development of China's essential oils industry.
    Essential oils are plant-derived products, and many essential oil plants and essential oil processing plants are distributed in the vast central and western mountains. Due to the limited conditions, many small oil processing plant workshop is small, lack of sanitation and quality control measures. Research institutions and quality regulators on food quality improvement technology should take the initiative to explain the importance of quality control to these essential oil processing plants, and guide these plants to adopt advanced means such as dynamic sterilization technology, dual-core ozone sterilization technology and full quality management measures to control Harmful factors of pollution, improve the safety and quality of essential oils and market competitiveness, and promote the healthy development of China's oil industry.

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