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    Definition and classification of fragrance industry

    Fragrance is a synthetic aroma of synthetic aroma of fruit and natural spices. It is an artificial spice. Used to make food, cosmetics and cigarettes.
    According to the fragrance industry analysis and market research report analysis, edible flavor is the reference to the smell of natural food, the use of natural and natural spices, synthetic spices are carefully prepared from the natural flavor of a variety of fragrance flavor. Including fruit, water and oil, milk, poultry, meat, vegetables, nuts, candied fruit, emulsions and alcohol and other flavors for beverages, biscuits, pastries, frozen food, candy, seasoning Materials, dairy products, canned food, wine and other food. Eat flavor formulations are liquid, powder, microcapsules, paste and so on.
    Fragrance industry classification
    A certain type of fragrance of fragrance is called a fragrance. General classification is as follows:
    (1) imitation natural flavor
    ① flowers: young people like Chang Bao youth, a single flower and complex flowers;
    ② fruity: middle-aged people like light and unique, gives honest and credible effect;
    ③ woody: cool, elegant, quiet, stable;
    ④ grass incense: fragrance, with a green atmosphere of fresh aroma.
    (2) synthetic flavor
    ① aldehyde incense: such as sweet fragrance, fruit, forest fragrance, etc., taste heavy, rich in change, to convey the beautiful dream of women;
    ② international incense also known as animal incense, strong diffusion, lasting aroma.
    Flying butterfly type: insects, plants mixed together, resulting in the mood placed in nature.
    Fantasy: imaginative, three-dimensional, relaxed and happy.
    Flower type: also full of oriental mood, gentle, mysterious oriental type and like to come to the spring of flowers, mainly to the heart of blue and carnation-based Western type.
    (3) salty flavor
    1. Meat Flavor: such as pork, chicken, beef and other tastes, can also be divided into barbecue, clear stew, braised and other tastes.
    2. seafood flavor: such as shrimp, crab, fish and other tastes.
    3. Plant flavor: such as cumin, vanilla, cardamom, thyme and other tastes.